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A Reminder

This book, housed in a double slipcase, is about addictive thinking. The form is that of a carton of cigarettes. The text is a sampling of multiple choice, intelligence test questions that has more to do with associations than with reality.

The first page of this circular book presents the reader/viewer with a question, "Open the door?" from there on you are guided down a path that makes its way through the brain, into a room where a clue to the book can be found in a Mad Magazine style fold-in. All the while you are processing 18 questions that are presented to you, which never really end because the answers to the questions are based on temporal associations and may change with each successive reading.

This circular text and image trap is a mind game of sorts that comes with a warning: "Consumption of this book may cause stress and anxiety." This book is strictly for adults only. The more baggage, the better.

A Reminder was produced at the University of the Arts, Borowsky Center for Publication Arts in Philadelphia. It was printed on a Heidleberg KORS 1-color offset press.

Typeface: Akzidenz Grotesk

Text: Wilber H. Schilling
Artist: Wilber H. Schilling
Edition: 700
Size: 47 pages, 12 x 2 x .5 inches (boxed)

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