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Arthur & Barbara

Description: Arthur & Barbara is a portrait of the artist, Barbara Westman, and the writer/philosopher, Arthur C. Danto, as seen through a representation of their New York City apartment and objects in their life. The book is a box comprised of a book within a book, A+B, which is a codex exploring oral and written language, and objects, images and “games” referring to both Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise and to Fluxus Collections. The box contains laser-etched glass with a plan view of the apartment. Beneath the glass, separated spaces hold a DVD containing images of Arthur, Barbara and their apartment, a glass block etched with an illustration by Barbara Westman, A+B, four chairs, three handmade dice and a spinner of chance operations in the spirit of John Cage. The box also has a separate drawer containing a folio of letterpress printed correspondence.

Materials: A mahogany box, leather, tempered glass, duplex plastic, a DVD and book cloth. A+B is bound using a wire-edge binding structure. The book is printed using archival inkjet, laser etching and letterpress.

Typefaces: Aldine, Caslon, Courier, Filosophia Unicase, Palatino

Text: Thomas Rose, Barbara Westman, Shirin Neshat, Sean Scully, David Carrier

Artists: Wilber H. Schilling, Thomas Rose

Edition: 20 (two available for acquisition)
Size: 13 x 12 x 7 inches (closed)

Price: $1,950.00
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