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Panthers standard and deluxe editionsdeluxe edition book and box / standard edition book (slipcase not shown)

Panthers page spreadstandard edition, page spread

Panthers page spread 2standard edition, page spread

Panthers, standard edition
ISBN: 0-9742191-3-4

, deluxe edition
ISBN: 0-9742191-4-2

Panthers contains 31 previously unpublished poems by acclaimed poet Michael Dennis Browne. The poems are brief and act as suggestions for larger thoughts brought by the reader. Browne suggests that the poems are best read while in a hypnogogic or hypnopompic state of mind, while entering or waking from sleep, when one is most imaginative and contemplative.

Browne is also a librettist and lyricist and his work in writing for music inspired Schilling's design for Panthers, using the book structure to act as a composition around the text, to float the poems along in the way a musical composition lifts its lyrics, defined the pages of the book.

The design creates a peaceful meditative environment through the placement of the poems and photographs on the page. Ample ‘white’ space is provided around each poem. The text shifts from horizontal on one page to vertical on the next. The reader must physically turn the book to read it. This action creates a rhythm for the reader that is physical in the same way one can be physically moved while listening to music.

The deluxe edition is letterpress printed on MacGregor & Vinzani handmade paper. The pages are French folded and include cyanotype photographic prints, sewn on exposed cords laced into wooden boards with a clamshell box bound with blue goatskin and indigo dyed handmade paper by Mary Hark.

The standard edition is letterpress printed on Moab Natural paper with archival inkjet photographs, hard bound in grey Japanese cloth screen-printed with a photographic illustration in silver ink. The standard edition is housed in a dark grey Italian cloth slipcase.
All copies are hand signed by the artist and the author.

Typefaces: Filosophia, Reykjavik

Text: Michael Dennis Browne
Artist: Wilber H. Schilling
Edition: 26 deluxe / 125 standard
Size: 66 pages
deluxe: 6.34 x 5.25 x 2 inches (closed)
standard: 6.25 x 4.25 x 1 inches (closed)

Price: $525.00 (deluxe edition)
Price: $300
.00 (standard edition)

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