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Surplus Value Books #13 - Standard edition



Surplus Value Books: Catalog Number 13
standard edition
ISBN: 0-9677410-2-5

Rick Moody’s short story, Surplus Value Books #13 is a character study of a particular bookseller. The story is told through the description of books for sale in a catalog. Values are assigned to each item in the catalog according to the bookseller’s inherent personal desire for each item. Themes of value, voyeurism and deceit are presented along with the pathology of collecting.

Surplus Value Books #13 standard edition features a slipcase resembling a mailing envelope for the ‘catalog’ with a surrogate cancelled C3a, arguably the most collectible U.S. postage stamp of the 20th century. It is presented as a traditional case bound book that acts as the bookseller’s catalog and is formatted as a bookseller’s catalog. The standard edition contains photographic images of the books for sale throughout the catalog. This differs from the deluxe edition. The deluxe has the photographs contained in a separate print production folio. The frontispiece illustration contains overprinted text that reveals a few words that give the reader clues about the nature of the text. The absolute whiteness of the standard edition binding is meant to evoke a book in sheets.

Wilber H. Schilling at Indulgence Press performed all design, printing, and binding of the standard edition. The text was printed letterpress using light blue and black inks onto Somerset Velvet papers. All the images in the book were printed using an Epson 2000P ink jet printer. The book was half bound in alum-tawed leather with handmade linen paper covered boards.

Typefaces: Filosophia Unicase, Mrs. Eaves

Edition: 174 numbered
Size: 44 pages, 8 x 5 inches (boxed)

Price: $400.00
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Surplus Value Books #13 - Deluxe edition


Surplus Value Books: Catalog Number 13
deluxe edition
ISBN: 0-9677410-1-7

The deluxe edition is designed to be a collector’s box, and also a mental patient’s box, of personal possessions. The text is formatted as a publisher’s galley proof, presented as a galley tray inside a straightjacket enclosure. The deluxe edition also includes margin notes (marginalia by Rick Moody) in the hand of the author, some of which have whiteout applied according to the author’s instruction. Various levels make up this edition. Upon removing the galley holding the text, the reader is presented with a removable panel resembling a hospital release checklist. Holes cut into this panel reveal objects contained below. The collectible objects in the box act as literal illustrations to the story.

The deluxe edition was printed letterpress by Wilber H. Schilling at Indulgence Press, on handmade flax and various papers. Set in Mrs. Eaves roman and italic types ( title page in Filosophia Unicase). The deluxe edition is designed in collaboration between Wilber H. Schilling and Daniel E. Kelm (Wide Awake Garage).

There is a space in the deluxe edition left empty and sized to fit the standard edition of the book, suggesting that standard book should be purchased to ‘complete’ the deluxe edition, thus nudging the possessor of the deluxe edition toward the collector's obsessiveness as described within the text.

Typefaces: Filosophia Unicase, Mrs. Eaves

Edition: 26 lettered, A-Z
Size: 13+ pages, 19 x 9 x 4.5 inches (boxed)

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2004 Copyright © Indulgence Press

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